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Unicorn Healing®

Unicorns are here to help us to take inspired and motivated action on our sacred mission here on Earth.

And just like everyone has Angel guides who are here to help support and comfort them, everyone has one or more Unicorn guides to help to align them with their path and purpose.

Unicorn Healing® is a beautiful modality.  It is different each time, and is tailored to your specific energy on that day.  It can clear blocks, release heavy and dense energies, as well as empower positive aspects.  Different unicorn lineages will show up for the healing, based on what is needed.

I can even help you to meet your own personal Unicorn guide, along with their name and lineage.

I will admit that when I first heard of Unicorn Healing, I thought it was very woo woo and strange.... but then I experienced it for myself, and realized how transformative and life-changing it really is.

Unicorn Healing® has quickly become one of my favorite healing modalities.  Sessions are one hour long.


You can book your Unicorn Healing Session here


“Unicorn Healing with Stacey McDaniel was beyond my expectations. She utilizes her skills and abilities to tap into another world of consciousness, where she calls in your own personal Unicorn Guide(s). The Unicorns are like angelic beings full of wisdom to share with us. I was amazed by how relevant their messages were to my current life situation. Every word felt divinely channeled, & Stacey completely articulated the meaning in a way that feels so true and vital. Unicorn Healing is uplifting, inspiring & powerful work that everyone should try, especially with a trained professional like Stacey. ( I was skeptical at first, but now I feel a deep sense of calm, knowing that these two Unicorns are guiding me on my path). Thank you Stacey! I am immensely grateful.”


“I absolutely LOVED the Unicorn Healing I received from Stacey! It was so powerful and brought in so much beautiful energy! I could actually see the Unicorns as she described them coming in and felt their presence so strongly! After the healing I felt more at peace and my fearful thoughts shifted to positive affirmations and the expectation of good things happening! I am so grateful for this beautiful experience and will continue to listen and connect with the Unicorns!  Thank you again, Stacey! I appreciate you!”


"Thank you for the Unicorn Healing session.  It was an amazing healing session! During the session I felt very light as if I were almost going to float away.  The sessions brought up many different things to me.  Some were from past feelings that were brought back to the surface.  Also I felt very energized for the future and what will come next for me.  As we moved through the various chakra in our session, I could visualize those areas you were focusing on.  During the crown chakra I could visualize the energy coming from the top down.  During the heart chakra I could visualize waves of hearts.  During the root chakra I could feel tingling in my hair and in my feet.  Give my thanks to your awesome unicorn guides!”


“I received a beautiful, loving, unicorn healing from Stacey McDaniel.  She shared that the unicorns asked me to be open to receiving goodness and believe that I am worthy of abundance."


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