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Rahanni Celestial Healing


Rahanni is a healing modality of balance. 

It vibrates on the pink ray of Light that corresponds with the heart center. 

It helps to release all fear based ways of thinking and negativity, opening up to truth, love, and compassion.

It heals on all 4 levels - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

During a Rahanni session, I connect with the Higher Beings of Light and Love

in order to channel healing, and to raise the vibration. 

Rahanni works closely with Lord Melchizedek, Quan Yin, Mother Mary,

Jeshua, the Archangels, and many more.

During a Rahanni session, I also receive channeled wisdom and messages

for my client, both to empower them and to give them insight.

I offer Rahanni healing in the following settings:

private one on one session - book here

group session - Rahanni Healing Circles purchase here

Rahanni Healing Circles are available for individual purchase $18,

or as a monthly subscription $30.

If you are interested in learning and becoming attuned to Rahanni,

I teach Level 1 Rahanni to both individuals and small groups.

You can learn more about being attuned to Rahanni here.

Next Rahanni Healing Circles are:

June 8 at 12pm Eastern (EDT)

Root Chakra

This one is FREE - All those on my newsletter will get the zoom link to join

June 29 at 12pm Eastern (EDT)

Sacral Chakra

July 6 at 12pm Eastern (EDT)

Solar Plexus Chakra

July 20 at 12pm Eastern (EDT)

Heart Chakra


Stacey’s calming, grounding presence held a space for me to move through incredibly big feelings with a sense of safety and love. I felt so cared for and understood with Stacey during my session in such a powerful way. I have already been feeling the huge benefits from my Rahanni healing session. To top it off, I had an astrology reading done by Stacey where she presented so many things to me that have given me a brand new look at my work, my abilities and even potential possibilities. I feel like an absolute upleveling is happening in my life now!



Rahanni Healing with Stacey McDaniel is truly worth it.  She is a very talented healing artist, and this form of energy healing is nothing short of profound.  You find your center, and feel relaxed, clear-minded, and calm. Stacey guides you through a deep process of mind-body-soul healing that lasts and builds upon each session.  By my 3rd session I could literally feel my nervous system reset.  Never before has there been a moment in time when this kind of energy work is so needed.  Stacey is the ultimate guide.  She has a true gentle and kind nature, that will nourish your Soul and Spirit.  She taps in, goes deep, and leads you out to the other side, where hope, healing, sunshine, and light will fill you up.  I highly recommend sessions with her.  You will discover healing insights that will propel your life forward in a powerful, positive, and meaningful way.



I so enjoyed getting that energy upgrade from you.  The subtle shifts have been significant, and I've been feeling clear, focused, and peaceful all day.  I love Rahanni Healing.


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