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Meet your Unicorn Guide and Activate Your Full Potential!


Although many can't "see" them, unicorns are here, and they are ready and willing to help us heal and grow.


Did you know that everyone has a Unicorn Guide that is just waiting to help them meet their Divine Purpose, and their full potential?


Just like angel guides, we also have unicorn guides. Unicorns work alongside angels to support us in our spiritual growth. Angels help us to remember that we are divine beings of light that originate from source and unicorns help us to use our light for the good of the collective. In other words, they want to help us not only raise our vibration, but also take courageous next steps as lightworkers and healers.


This workshop includes a guided meditation to meet your own personal Unicorn Guide, as well as a healing activation to remove blocks, and to help you to meet your full potential.


Led by both Lansing Bryan and Stacey McDaniel - dear friends and energy healers who are lit up by the magic of the Unicorns. We are excited to share their beautiful healing light with others.


This is a replay of the workshop that was held on Saturday Oct 28, 2023.  It is about 90 minutes in length.


You can learn more about Lansing on her website

Replay - Unicorn Guide Workshop

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