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Do you believe in angels? They believe in you, and they are always around you guiding you and loving you unconditionally. We can call upon Angels and Archangels at anytime. They are standing by just waiting for your permission to give you guidance, protection, healing, hope, love, and even help finding lost items. Angels understand the law of free will which means they cannot interfere with your life unless you ask. They will, however, send you signs to get your attention. An example could be 11:11 on the clock, or a feather on your path.

In this workshop, the second in our “Meet your Guides” series, we went over the different types and orders of Angels.  We then did a guided meditation to help you meet and receive messages from your very own Angel Guide(s). To conclude, we did a healing and activation to raise our frequency and bring their beautiful healing light into our lives so you can experience joy, hope, love, support and transformation. And most importantly The angels will light up your life and remind you that you are never alone.

This workshop was led by both Lansing Bryan and Stacey McDaniel - dear friends and energy healers who are divinely connected to the Angelic Realm.  We are excited to share their radiant healing light with you.

The workshop was about 75 minutes long.


You can learn more about Lansing on her website

Replay Meet Your Angel Guide Workshop

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