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Working With Your Guides + the Higher Beings of Light


In this class, we will be taking Channeling a step further.  We will be working more closely with our Guides, as well as forming deeper relationships with the Higher Beings of Light - the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, the Unicorns, the Galactics, and more.


Each class will include information, channeling practice, as well as healings so as to keep your energy field more clear so that you can build a stronger channel and connection with your Guides.


You have the option to just purchase the 6 week course




Purchase the 6 week course plus a private session at a discounted rate.  If you want to purchase the option with the private session, use this link.


6 weeks

Over Zoom

Sundays at 2pm Eastern

Starts May 5th


Early Bird price (through May 1):

$144 for the 6 week course

$188 for the 6 week course + a private session


After May 1:

$177 for the 6 week course

$222 for the 6 week course + private session



Level 2 Channeling Class

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