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Join us for this 6 week course as we amplify and anchor in the beautiful qualities of the Divine Feminine:


Ease - Flow - Grace

Patience - Peace

Gentleness - Compassion

Empowerment - Intuition


This course will be a mix of empowering information and self inquiry so as to discover what needs to be healed.


Each class will also include a 30 minute energy healing so that we can clear blocks in our fields, and anchor in the higher vibrations and frequencies of the beautiful Divine Feminine energy.


These healings will be a mix of modalities, so as to choose what is best needed in that moment for clearing and healing.


You have the option to just purchase the 6 week course




Purchase the 6 week course plus a private session at a discounted rate.  If you want to purchase the option with the private session, use this link.


6 weeks

Over Zoom




Early Bird price:

$144 for the 6 week course

$188 for the 6 week course + a private session



$177 for the 6 week course

$222 for the 6 week course + private session



Healing the Divine Feminine

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