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Learn how to cultivate your "clairs", your psychic and intuitive senses. 


As well as, learn how to channel and connect with your spirit guides, and the Higher Beings of Light.


Clairs are your psychic abilities:

clairvoyence (seeing) 

clairaudience (hearing)

clairsentience (feeling) 

claircognizance (knowing)


In this class we lay a strong foundation for channeling, energy healing, and receiving messages, downloads, and healing from our spirit guides, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters.


I teach you how to set up a sacred space for this beautiful and important work, and you will also learn how to connect and channel plants, animals, crystals, the Angels, and the Ascended Masters.


There is so much healing, inspiration, and guidance available from the world around us, we just need to know how to tap into it!


This is a 6 week course.  Classes are 90 minutes.  Open to both beginners, and those with a little more experience.  Each class will include channeling exercises, and a healing/activation.  Optional "homeplay" will be given for those wanting a more immersive experience.


If you are interested in joining, but have doubts, fears, insecurities, etc. about your abilities.... Don't worry. I've got you covered!  Each class we will be doing healings, clearings and activations on things that are coming up that may be blocking you from accessing these skills and gifts.


This class is great for those starting out in energy healing, or those wanting to deepen into their energy healing practice, or for those just wanting to deepen into their connection with nature, their guides, and the angels and ascended masters.


This course is the intro course and prerequisite to the Level 2 Channeling - Working with Your Spirit Guides 6 week course


You have the option to just purchase the 6 week course




Purchase the 6 week course plus a private session at a discounted rate.  If you want to purchase the option with the private session, use this link.


Starts Friday June 28 at 1 pm EST

6 weeks 

90 minute classes

Over Zoom


$144 for the 6 week course

$188 for the 6 week course + a private session


Channeling + Cultivating Your Clairs - Level 1 Channeling

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