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Akashic Records

Gain valuable insight, as well as clear and release old energetic patterns

that no longer serve you with an 

Akashic Records Reading and Healing

The Akashi Records contain infinite wisdom  and Divine Source energy.  It is the highest energetic vibration that we can access. 

Accessing your own Akashic Records can be life-changing.

Each of us has our own storage of Akashic Records that is unique to that individual. 

When you have your records read, you get answers as to why a certain issue or situation is happening, and why a pattern is repeating.

When I read your Akashic Records, I also heal and clear these energies and patterns.  From

there, we "rewrite" the records so as to not only empower you, but to also set up an

optimal energetic blueprint for your life.

Come to an Akashic Records session with 1-2 questions or situations that you would like

to understand more, and heal.

Book your Akashics Session here


Thank you so much for my beautiful Akashic reading/healing today. It gave me so much more confidence and reassurance about my purpose here in this lifetime. I really felt a strong resonance to all the messages that you brought through. It was if my guides were sitting next to me and compassionately sharing with me the information that I needed to hear to step more fully into my mission. Thank you for answering all the questions that I had so thoroughly. In addition, you gave me an added bonus of healing.  Using your gift of Rahanni and toning, you helped me to release any resistance I still had to taking my next steps.  I very much appreciate all that this session brought me. You are truly a gift, Stacey!


Stacey is a very powerful energy worker. I immediately felt safe which allowed me to be open to the energetic  releases and the subsequent healing energies that she channeled. I had an Akashic record healing with her where she also cleared past life trauma that was impacting me in this life. She was very accurate identifying what I was most concerned about right now before she cleared the issue. I am so grateful for this beautiful healing and Stacey’s strong yet empathic presence.


Oh dear Stacey... all things are so true.  I was getting goosebumps.  Special thanks for all of the healings and clearings.  Lots of love and gratitude, prayers and blessings.



Thank you so much Stacey, for an excellent Akashic Records reading.  Each and every word is so true. You are blessed to have this level of connection with higher energies.  Big hug for you.


Gratitude Stacey, for your accurate Akashic Records reading.  Each of your words is a pearl of wisdom for me. Wonderful reading, Stacey.



I resonate well with your Akashic Records Reading.  In fact, it's amazing how correct it is. Thank you so much for your guidance.



That's absolutely amazing.  Each and everything resonates so perfectly. Thank you so much for your kind words.


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